David Louis
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The annual October Mission Drive begins Sunday, October 1st! Historically in our fellowship, the months of March and October serve as two annual concentrated opportunities to spotlight, celebrate, and intentionally support the work of the Gospel among our missions’ network. We are praying excitedly in expectation of the miraculous as we are preparing for this month of mission emphasis. This season is to purposely bring awareness to the work of the Holy Spirit throughout the 135 nations within our mission network and provides the opportunity in which to invest specifically in Mission Giving that supports and supplies ministries within those nations. This is always an exciting time to connect our local churches world-wide.

Click on the image below and see wonderful pictures of our COGOP family and so many accounts of God's goodness from all around the world! Please share the link with your family and friends! The leadership of the Church of God of Prophecy has made it possible for everyone to read the White Wing Messenger at no charge.