Ministry Development & Training

in Partnership with ORU Bible Institute (MDT)

Welcome to the Ministry Development and Training in partnership with Oral Roberts Bible Institute. Do you want to grow in the word of God and in ministry? Then MDT is right for you. This program is designed to equip the ministry as well as laity to effectively minister the word of God. At the outset of the training, candidates will be given an opportunity to take
 a Spiritual Formation, a course that will prepare each person to think about 
 themselves in ministry in relation to others. The courses offered can be taken as a whole to earn a certificate, or as individual courses as your interest dictates.  Students are also welcomed to audit to courses instead of going through the rigors or taking tests. Qualified instructors are always ready to help each student succeed.

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Director:  Pastor Peter Manning, MA


Woodroe Thompson, M.Div 

Sophia Pringle, Pharm.D, M.Div

Kevin Cole, MTS 

Peter Manning, MA

Frank Douglas, D. Min., M.A. 

Fritz Manning, MA

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