Leadership Development

Director: Leola Sullivan

"Equipped for Harvest"


This ministry exists to serve, by offering support to church leaders seeking to further equip themselves for effective ministry, and to church members seeking a closer personal relationship with God.

The Leadership Development team will provide a necessary service to churches that desire to develop in their quest to be relevant for 21st Century ministry

The age of technology has caused many businesses to excel in their method for training and re-training competent workers.

The world is the church’s harvest field and God is counting on his people to be fully
equipped to excel in being about his business; building His kingdom.

Team Leaders are equipped to:

  • Train new leaders & provide ministry development training and resources
  • Conduct Workshops, Seminars and provide consultative service
  • Access & evaluate the health of the church & offer recommendations for growth.

Working under the umbrella of the National Overseer
This ministry will work along side the National Bishop to see church growth in Eastern Canada. This includes working along side pastors and potential leaders to see development in their leadership ability. The Leadership development department will assist the Overseer and review board in structuring an effective review process for Ministerial licensure, Pastoral Candidates, and New Mission Work.

The Leadership Development department will work alongside the Overseer and National Educational Director to create a handbook for new Pastors on Pastoral procedure; and to put together a concise syllabus for emerging leaders and those entering the ministry.

We will identify, train and develop potential leaders, and that will seek to establish criteria for transition in leadership.  This will include existing leaders, prospective leaders and emerging leaders. Our desire is to develop a multicultural, multigenerational ministry.