David Louis
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The book of Deuteronomy is an encouraging record of God’s faithfulness. Containing the historical testimony of Moses, God reminds the people of His presence and provision throughout their 40 years of wandering and preparation for this day of moving forward. They stand on the edge of their destiny and God takes them on a journey of remembrance. The word “remember is noted in the book of Deuteronomy 14 times.  God saysremember.

One key verse of this testimony comes in chapter six, verse 23, But he brought us out from there to bring us in and give us the land that he promised on oath to our forefathers (NIV). This verse reminds the people of God’s plan and promise; it reminds us that He wants to accomplish His purpose throughout our lives.

It is encouraging to remember God’s faithfulness.

Celebrating 100 years

In preparation for this March Mission Drive Celebration, we began to review our history of mission giving. We found a landmark decision that directed our aspirations toward global ministries within the first years of our fellowship. In the twelfth Annual Assembly in November 1916, during the Foreign Missions Committee report, our fellowship set the first designation of second Sunday mission offerings. In that assembly, one hundred years ago, we agreed to a united effort to prioritize a plan for missions. This was done in order to keep an awareness of the missions work in front of our local fellowships and to provide support and connection to those we sent to serve globally. During that season, foreign missions included the nations of Bahamas, Argentina, Cuba, Philippines, and an orphanage work in Egypt. And just two years earlier, in 1914, our first mission ministry couple, Brother Roy and Sister Jennie Rushin traveled to China to begin a work.

I was especially excited reading about this beginning, as during the 2014 International Assembly 100 years later, we celebrated the planting of a local church fellowship in the nation of China. And today, two years later, while we cannot speak with specific liberty, we continue to celebrate the covering of at least three local COGOP fellowships! This comes as a result of our commitment to the Global Mission vision and our directive towards missions giving.

When you achieve unique milestones, an opportunity is provided to look back for a moment and celebrate. This year, in 2016, we remember God’s faithfulness as we celebrate 100 years of Second Sunday Mission Offering support and exciting investment in a global Harvest.

However, remembering Gods faithfulness from our past also leads us forward into His direction for our present and toward our future. The Israelites stood on the edge of their promise. But in order to obtain the fullness of God’s promise, they had to move forward. We, too, must respond to the call of the Holy Spirit. There are many opportunities for new church plants and unique ministries throughout the 134 nations currently being assisted and supported. There are also several new nations where ministry is rising and two that will probably be organized in the coming International Assembly.

As we remember and celebrate these more than 100 years of His faithfulness in our movement in global missions, we also look with anticipation to forward movement; and testify that He has indeed brought us out from there to bring us in and give us the land that he promised. We move forward into “promised land” opportunities at His direction and in specific response to the Spirit’s call.

During this month of directed March Missions Giving, I encourage us all to a united effort in support of established and developing forward movement within our Global Network of Missions Ministries. Thank you for your giving. And may the Lord bless you.

Cathy Payne, Global Missions Ministries Coordinator