David Louis
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February is Stewardship Month, and we have developed a tool that will encourage your church and offer training on the discipline of giving – The Call to Stewardship.

The Call to Stewardship seeks to restore the spiritual discipline of giving. God has called us to be good stewards of His resources. We own nothing; it all belongs to Him. Giving is just as important to the Christian life as prayer, fasting, and bible study.

Inside this book you’ll find everything you need to enable your church to respond to The Call to Stewardship. You’ll find a month’s worth of material for your entire church including:

  • Sermon Starters
  • Adult Lessons
  • Youth Lessons
  • Children’s Lessons

And best of all, it reproducible! You only need one copy per church. You are free to copy and hand out lessons within your specific congregation.

Download the Bulletin Insert
Download the Poster